why bonsai is expensive

why bonsai is expensive? [Summary]

Are bonsai costly?

Exactly bonsai trees are very costly. The price of bonsai trees varies with the type of bonsai tree and the age of the bonsai tree. Some times style of the bonsai tree also affects the cost of the bonsai tree. However, bonsai trees are very expensive behalf of the hard work and patience behind those trees.

What is a Bonsai tree and why is it so expensive?

Bonsai is an art that takes time, patience, and Dedication. Also, you can use bonsai as an income source. Each and every bonsai tree is a result of a lot of effort and time, Time has not had a price, So, how long does take to make a bonsai and how old is a bonsai tree. The price depends on it.

The price of f bonsai depends on various factors such as Age, Style, Species, Fertilizers, Pot, Watering, and shedding. Balancing all the above factors provides a bonsai tree. But managing to give all the above factors is not easy, That is why bonsai trees are that much expensive.

how much are bonsai trees worth

Bonsai plants do not have an exact price and anyone can’t give an exact price, How long does a bonsai plant get older, the price increases with age.

At bonsai nurseries, there are bonsai trees for sale starting from 5$ up to 1000$. But it is not the highest price of a bonsai tree, There are some bonsai trees that cost above one million US dollars.

Also, rare bonsai trees are much more expensive. There are various trees that are hard to find everywhere. But bonsai growers like to have a rare type of bonsai tree to increase the value of their bonsai collection. Because the tree is rare bonsai is rarer and the price is expensive.

Why are bonsai trees so special?

First of all, bonsai is not a tree species, If you are new to this topic, I recommend you to find out what is bonsai and make sure you exactly know what is bonsai.

Among 7 billion people, only a few amounts of people do grow bonsai and, only a few are able to grow a healthy and beautiful bonsai tree. Ancient Japanese people did this to calm down their minds. behind a bonsai tree there is dedication, effort, and time, That is why bonsai is this special.

What is the most expensive bonsai tree?

The most expensive bonsai tree is a centuries-old pine tree. It is worth 1.3 million dollars. This tree is older by hundreds of years, throughout that time there are uncountable human hours and priceless effort and dedication. That is why this bonsai tree is worth this much.