ice cube bonsai

Should you water bonsai with ice cubes? [why and how]

Why ice cubes for bonsai?

Using ice cubes is another form of watering, and it is an easy way to do so. But this depends on the type of bonsai you have and where you have placed the bonsai.

Ice cubes are a modern way of watering bonsai plants. Using ice cubes makes it easy to water bonsai and helps to keep constant humidity in the soil and surrounding. Using ice cubes is more accurate for new bonsai gardeners. It helps maintain plant health and makes a proper routine for watering.

As you already know, you can grow bonsai plants indoor and outdoor. So the watering and the amount of water you are giving to the plant varies with those factors.

Indoor watering, Outdoor watering relationship with a bonsai ice cube

Indoor bonsai watering

Indoor bonsai is a common thing among many bonsai gardeners. Mainly outdoor bonsai plants are kept inside the house to display and returned to the garden. But some are permanently kept inside the house. Those are indoor bonsai trees, and you have to practice the perfect way to water those plants.

Indoor bonsai do not need much water because they are not hydrated by sunlight. Also, it isn’t difficult to maintain humidity in the soil because plants are kept in low sunlight throughout the day.

Indoor bonsai trees should be watered every two-three days and shouldn’t dry out. Using ice cubes is an accurate & easy way to retain moisture in indoor bonsai soil. Placing a few ice cubes on the surface soil of bonsai will keep the soil moisture constant. But don’t overwater indoor bonsai trees.

If there is anything special about your bonsai tree when watering, ask the bonsai nursery and do as they say. This is because some plants have different needs for water and moisture in the soil.

Outdoor Bonsai Watering

Every bonsai tree is an outdoor bonsai tree. Every tree planted as a bonsai is a large outdoor tree. Therefore, these bonsai trees need the same conditions as their mother plants. But sometimes they are different because they are grown in pots.

Outdoor bonsai trees need more water than indoor bonsai because they get plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Bonsai soil begins to dehydrate due to sunlight throughout the day and is not good for bonsai trees.

These bonsai trees need a lot of soil moisture to protect their roots from burning and dying. So it would be best if you watered the outdoor bonsai trees in a suitable habit, and you can use ice cubes to keep the soil moist.

Outdoor bonsai should be watered twice a day, and if the environment is harsh, thrice. It is very important that the soil does not dry out. Ice cubes can be used to keep constant moisture in the soil throughout the day. Keeping some ice cubes in the topsoil after watering helps to keep moisture.

So always be aware of the moisture of your bonsai soil and do as said to keep constant moisture in the soil. But do not overwater your trees. It will kill your bonsai tree.

Just add ice bonsai.

I heard that many people had bought “just add ice”bonsai trees without any clue about them. Also, most new gardeners have trouble growing their own “just add ice” bonsai trees.

Just add Ice Bonsai is a bonsai tree brand that lists each plant species for easy sale in stores. These bonsai plants are in decorative bonsai pots and can be easily grown indoors. Watering for these plants is done by placing ice cubes on the soil, which created the name “just add ice” bonsais.

When you buy “just add ice’ bonsais, read the instruction card tidily and carefully and do what they say. Most of the instructions vary with the species of plant and the Size of the pot.

How many ice cubes a day

How many ice cubes per day is a huge discussion among indoor bonsai owners who grow” just add ice” bonsais on their own. If those plants are bought from nurseries, they provide all those details. But you can add ice as follows.

The number of ice cubes varies with the species of the bonsai plant, with the Size of the plant, and with the age of the plant. Mainly for every indoor bonsai tree, which is grown up to 5 inches, use 2-3 ice cubes per week. If the topsoil is dry, you can use one more ice cube in the middle of the week.

You can also use water for ‘just add ice’ bonsai trees. According to the instruction card, check how many ice cubes you should add per week, and you can measure what amount of water is equal to it. Then pour that amount of water For a week into your tree.

Propper way to use ice cubes

The most common and easiest way is keeping ice-cube on the topsoil of the bonsai pot and letting the ice cubes melt and wet the soil. The main thing is you should use enough amount of ice cubes. It is not a problem if you use one or two more ice cubes by mistake.

But don’t do that again and again. Ice cubes water the plants and maintain the humidity in the soil very well.

So it will be a problem when you use exes amount of ice cubes, and it will increase the soil’s moisture. It is not good for your bonsai plant health. For more moisture issues, read: 5 reasons why does my bonsai tree smell? & Why do bonsai roots rot? [ Best guide ]

Can bonsai tolerate the cold of ice?

This is a common question. Many trees die after fighting with the cold for a few days. It is very hard for a tree to tolerate the cold in the winter season and keep life in it. So it is natural that everyone has this question.

Using ice cubes does not increase the cold around the bonsai tree that much. When ice cubes are kept on the topsoil of bonsai, they start to melt by taking the atmosphere’s heat. But after a little, while its temperature comes to normal room temperature, it is possible to use ice cubes on bonsai.

Is it the same ice cubes and winter snow

Watering with ice cubes, and winter snow is not the same. In the winter season, every tree starts its dormant season, and at the end of winter, they revive.

But watering with ice can’t be compared with winter. In winter, there is a constant cold for a long period, which is why trees start their dormant. But ice cubes make a temporary cold, and it comes to normal temperature, continuous temperature changes are not preferred for bonsai trees.

Can any bonsai go with ice cubes?

There are various types of bonsai trees, and those trees have different requirements of water Depending on the species and the age of the bonsai tree.

Every bonsai tree needs water, and it is very easy to water bonsai with ice cubes. On the other hand, it is very easy to keep moisture in the soil with ice cubes.

So, it is possible to water any bonsai tree with ice cubes, always using the appropriate amount of ice cubes. Do not use ice cubes on small bonsai plants aged one week to 2 months.