bonsai any tree

Can you bonsai any tree? [Full detailed guide]

Have you ever wondered about making a bonsai tree with a plant in your garden? I had that problem and so tried to find out that if any tree can be a bonsai. It worked.

Can you bonsai any tree? In fact, any tree can be a bonsai tree under good care. Root pruning and branch pruning should be considered. Re-pot on time, as well as proper nutrient soil with good drainage and aeration, are other things to be considered if you want to bonsai any type of tree.

I have many species of bonsai trees in my collection, and there are some trees you will never think to grow as bonsai. In this chapter, you can learn many Hidden secrets about the miniature style of tree making. I mean bonsai secrets.

Is it possible to make a bonsai tree with any tree?

First of all, you have to understand what is ” Bonsai. “ The meaning of the word and the Idea of the meaning must be observed before you start to grow a bonsai tree.

Bonsai is a Japanese word that Presenting the Idea of making something in miniature. The style of miniature tree making is native to Japan. So they use the word Bonsai to the miniature plants, and it spread worldwide as Bonsai.

So do not think that Bonsai is a species of trees. It is another presentation for the style of making trees in miniature.

As you know, Bonsai is small tree making, and you can do it with any tree species. The thing you have to do is take care of the tree under the required conditions. So Any tree can be a bonsai.

There are more than 1M of tree species that use to make bonsai trees. In my bonsai collection, there are also various bonsai trees from multiple species of trees.

Many bonsai gardeners and bonsai nurseries are used to grow several selected varieties of trees as Bonsai. It also Verifies that any tree can be a bonsai.

Various species of trees are used to make bonsai trees.

The following table contains some species of trees that are commonly used to grow as bonsai trees. So you can start any of the following species as a bonsai tree.

1. Common Fig ( ficus carica)
I. Brown Turkey
II. Celeste
III. Chicago Hardy

2. Weeping Fig.
3. Creeping Fig.
4. Indian Banyan.
5. Cluster Fig.
6. Fiddle Leaf Fig.
7. Rubber Tree.
8. Chinese Banyan.

1. Alligator Juniper.
2. California Juniper.
3. Chinese Juniper.
4. Common Juniper.
5. Drooping Juniper.
6. Greek Juniper.
Pine. [there are about 40 species of pines around the world, and few are used to grow as bonsai]
1. Bristlecone Pine (Pinus aristata).
2. Foxtail Pine (Pinus blfouriana).
3. Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis).
4. Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana).
5. Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii).
6. Japanese White Pine (Pinus Parviflora).
7. Jeffrey Pine (Pinus jeffreyi).
8. Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata).
9. Two-Needle Pinyon Pine.
Fruit-bearing trees. [ many fruits-bearing trees can be developed as bonsai trees ]
1. Apple.
2. Mango.
3. Cherry.
4. Lime.
5. lemon.
6. Pomegranate.
Flowering-Bonsai trees. [ Many flowering trees can be grown as bonsai trees ]
1. Bougainvillea Bonsai.
2. Rose Bonsai.
3. Desert rose Bonsai.
4. Azalea Bonsai.
5. Satsuki Azalea.

All of the above species of trees are great evidence to true that any tree can be a bonsai tree. And in my bonsai collection, I have various species of trees.

Here are some various species of bonsai trees in my collection.

When I start to grow Bonsai, I had no idea about ” what is the meaning of Bonsai. “ So I began to grow all the trees catch on my eyes in pots, But last I have many bonsai trees in many species. So I realized that Bonsai is the art of making miniature trees.

Without a problem, any tree can be a bonsai tree if you take care of the tree.

  1. Atteria [Murraya paniculata].
  2. Bougainvillea.
  3. Ficus,
    • Weeping Fig.
    • Indian Banyan.
    • Rubber Tree.
    • Ficus religiosa.
  4. Boxwood.
  5. Kubuk [ Terminalia arjuna ].
  6. Desert rose bonsai.
  7. Eucalyptus bonsai.

Many nurseries use to grow these species.

There are many bonsai nurseries all around the world, and all of them use to grow some tree species that have a great look after being a bonsai
Any tree can be a bonsai tree. When you add various verities of bonsai trees into your collection, it gives you an experience of a miniature Forest.

Juniper species as Bonsai.

About 60 species of juniper bonsai trees around the world and needle juniper species are famous as a good bonsai tree.

Junipers are good to bonsai starters, and these trees can handle easily. If you are able to prune and re-pot junipers on time, juniper trees are a superb choice to make a bonsai.

Ficus species as Bonsai.

Ficus is a great choice if you want a mature looking bonsai tree. There are about 1000 ficus species, and many of them are suitable to grow as bonsai trees.

Many ficus trees have aerial roots, and those roots give a mature look to your tree. Any tree from the bonsai species is best as Bonsai if you are a beginner.

Bougainvillea species as bonsai

These plants differ from each other in the color of the bougainvillea flowers. Purple, orange, and pink are common colors and are beautiful to the eye.

Bougainvillea is native to South America. These trees prefer to have full sunlight for flowering, and as a subtropical plant, Bougainvillea bonsai is not able to endure frost.

But if you are able to grow bougainvillea bonsai in a greenhouse, frost is not a problem as well as these trees have a high growing speed. So keep in mind to prune.

Maple as a bonsai

There are some common maple species famous for bonsai, and all of them take different looks in every season.

These maple bonsai can endure the frost, and if the temperature drops than -10 Celsius, You have to move the plant into a garage.

Azalea as Bonsai.

There are about 1000s of species of Azaleas, and all of them have different size leaves, different color flowers, and so on.

When you plant these trees, you have to provide attention to other bonsai trees. Care guide.

How to make a bonsai tree with any tree species?

As you know, any species of tree can be a bonsai tree with some effort. You have to do many things till the tree gives your required result.

After a long process, every normal tree can change into a bonsai tree. It is hard to do, but the result can Heal your pains.

Under the following requirements, any type of tree can change into a bonsai tree. So observe well.

Required Factors and conditions when growing a bonsai tree.

Any species of a tree can be grown as a miniature structure of their parent trees. But when you are growing those trees, there are some special things to consider, like Environmental factors and climatic factors.

These things vary with the species you choose to grow as Bonsai, factors are.

  • Watering
  • The humidity of the soil
  • Sunlight
  • Soil
  • Nutrients
  • Pruning
  • Re-potting

First of all, find a species of trees that are easy to make bonsai trees. I recommend you to use Ficus species. Those trees are easy to maintain.

Then you can start Bonsai with a seed or a plant, As well as you can start a bonsai tree with a cutting of mother tree.

I recommend you to start with a plant from your nearby bonsai nursery and plant it in a vessel for a period than 2 years until the vessel fills with roots.

Then remove the plant from the vessel and prune the long roots. Then set it in a bonsai pot and bind it to the pot.

Finally, add some water every day in a routine, and with time, you can have an old bonsai tree with a good mature look.

Have you ever wondered about the age of a bonsai tree? Some trees can live more than 1000s of years.

Advantages of making Bonsai with any tree species.

There are many advantages of adding various species of bonsai trees to your bonsai collection. Some tree species use to bear flowers and fruits in one season while other trees in the next season.

So when you have various species, you can own flowers and fruits in every season on your bonsai trees.

On the other side, if your bonsai trees are from various species, Although one is infected, they do not infect other trees.

You can eat bonsai fruits also. A fruit without chemicals is also a good advantage. So always add many species of bonsai trees to your collection.

How to select the best trees for Bonsai?

If you are a beginner at Bonsai, First of all, observe some blogs, books and watch videos regarding Bonsai and take an idea about Bonsai.

Then as you know, you can make any tree in a miniature, and it is not hard. But the beauty of the bonsai tree depends on the type of tree.

Always try to select a tree with small leaves and Quickly branching, Because those trees can shape easily. Small leaves impress the features of a miniature tree. So always add any tree to your bonsai collection.


Go around your house and find the trees that are suitable to grow as Bonsai are. Then grow it as you wish under the conditions mentioned above. At last, you can be an owner of An attractive bonsai tree.