fastest growing bonsai trees

The fastest growing bonsai trees(Fastest 7)

Because of recent questions from my friends and bonsai gardeners, I decided to write about these fastest growing bonsai trees.

Weeping Willow, Quaking Aspen, Red Maple, River Birch, Redwood, Leyland Cypress, Arborvitae Green Giant are some main types of trees that can be grown as Bonsai fastly. Usually, these types of trees are the fastest growing trees in nature. So making a bonsai with those trees will be quicker than making Bonsai with other trees.

But some other trees can be grown speedily under the proper guidance as well. The above trees also want good care for fast-growing.

Which bonsai trees grow faster?

First of all, you have to know that any tree can be grown as Bonsai. So fastest growing trees can be grown as Bonsai more quickly than other trees. Let’s discuss one by one.

1.Weeping Willow Bonsai

There are more than 100 species of willow trees, and the most suitable tree to make a bonsai tree is a weeping willow. These trees can live more than 100 years under proper care.

Weeping willows grow 20 to 25 m tall in their native habitat, and also they grow their branches downwards from the stem, like vines.

If you want a bonsai tree quickly, you can try it out with a weeping willow tree. But you have to provide favorable conditions.

2.Quaking Aspen Bonsai

This plant is a deciduous plant with massive growing speed, and these trees are Abundant in Mountainous western United States.

Quaking aspen bonsai prefers to have good sunlight throughout the day. It mainly affects the growing speed of these trees.

If you want a fastest-growing bonsai tree, Quaking Aspen bonsai is the right choice. Also, you have to consider the care facts of these bonsai trees.

3.Red Maple Bonsai

Red maple is most abundant in eastern and central North America, and also this is a deciduous tree.

The maple tree has a massive growing speed in the wild, and they grow more than 100 ft taller. Also, these trees cover a large-scale landscape by its shade and don’t give a chance to grow any other tree near it.

A high amount of water and sunlight in a half-day is required to the fast-growing of these trees. good nutritious soil will give you a quick result.

Care guide for red maple bonsai trees

4.River Birch Bonsai

River birch trees prefer to grow near water sources like riverbanks, and also this tree is native to the eastern united states.

This vigorous deciduous tree grows up to 80 ft height in its native habitat. Also, these trees have their own native speed for growing up. That speed is massive than other trees’ speed.

Birch trees prefer to live in a wet, moisturized environment, and it mainly affects the speed of these trees growing.

5.Redwood Bonsai

There are two species of Redwood bonsai that suitable for growing as Bonsai. Dawn redwood is native to China, and it is a deciduous tree. The other Redwood tree type is Coastal Redwood, this type is native to northern California, and it is evergreen.

Normally Redwood bonsai trees grow more than 320 ft height. Also, these trees have a diameter of up to 22 ft. As if Both types of Redwood trees are suitable for growing as bonsai trees. But they are not easy to handle as small bonsai trees. Those types are ideal for grown as large scale bonsai trees.

As well as these trees have a comprehensive root system, It is the main reason for the high speed growing of these trees.

6.Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress tree is not a much good choice for starting Bonsai because these trees have a short lifespan like 20-25 years. But if anyone wants a speed-growing bonsai tree, this is the best choice for him because these trees have a massive growth speed.

Leyland Cypress can grow in many soil types and climatic conditions, and Many people in the United States use to grow these cypress trees as wind walls or privacy trees (As walls).

You can grow these bonsai trees in medium-sized bonsai pots. This is because rapid growth is complicated to control.

These trees are best grown as medium-sized bonsai trees. This is a good choice if you are in a hurry to get a bonsai tree.

7.Arborvitae Green Giant

The green giant arborvitae is an evergreen tree that grows to 3 or 4 feet per year. Therefore, these trees are challenging to grow as bonsai trees.

But if you want a fast growing tree, you can grow these trees as Bonsai. When you grow these trees as a bonsai, you need to consider a few special things.

If so, you should grow these trees in medium-sized pots and manage them as medium or large bonsai trees. You can’t have a small bonsai tree with this fast-growing species.

If you want a fast-growing bonsai tree, this is also a good choice.

Fast growing species for Bonsai?

Fast growing species for Bonsai is a tough topic to going through. Because as you know, Bonsai is a result of patience for several years. Anyone cannot have a bonsai tree in one night.

But you can start a bonsai tree with fast growing species and then have a bonsai tree relatively faster than other bonsai trees.

  1. Willow
  2. Aspen
  3. Maple
  4. Ficus
  5. Redwood.

The above five species are the most suitable and fastest to grow as bonsai trees. But did you notice that there is one special species that I didn’t mention in the first paragraph?

It is ficus. You can have a mature looking bonsai tree with ficus trees in a short time. The method is “Tree binding method for mature looking Bonsai. “

Start to grow a bonsai tree with one of the above species, and you will be able to have a bonsai tree faster.

Why those trees grow faster than other bonsai?

All the above-considered trees are evergreen trees, and they have a massive speed of growing than other trees because of their wide root system.
As well as those trees can absorb more amount of nutrients and water from the ground. Super wide and high speed of root growth is the main reason for it.
When considering all the high-speed bonsai trees, there is one thing that all plants have in common. It is their ability to grow in any climate and soil composition.
And most of them can survive in any rough conditions, and they speed up their growth if they receive favorable conditions.

What is the fastest growing bonsai tree?

After a long search, I came across a bonsai tree that is much faster than other bonsai trees.

What is the fastest growing bonsai tree? The fast-growing bonsai tree belongs to the willow species, and the tree is the Weeping Willow tree.

You can grow a willow tree as a bonsai plant without any knowledge of bonsai growing. But there are a few things to consider.

If you water the plant properly, your plant will live longer. Sunlight requirements for these trees should be managed.

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How to grow a bonsai tree faster.

Making a bonsai tree is not a one-night stand. A mature and attractive bonsai tree is the result of long-term patience and proper care.

But there are several old ways to grow a bonsai tree fast. These methods are started by Chinese bonsai gardeners to accelerate the growth of their bonsai plants.

Re-potting, Well Managed drainage system, Proper routine of watering, Root pruning, Most suitable soil, are the main facts that affect the growing speed of bonsai trees.

If you want to grow your bonsai tree faster, you must supply all the above circumstances to your bonsai plant. And it will not be hard to have a fast growing bonsai tree at your bonsai collection.

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